About Us

Our Values

24/7 Reliable communication. We work when you work.

We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and industry. We work closely with our shippers and carriers because we enjoy exceeding expectations, running our business  honorably and respectfully. 

Tadmore was founded with over 20 years of freight experience, including warehouse supervising, truck driving, and shipping. We are proud that so many of our shippers and carriers have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their freight needs. We work hard to earn their loyalty on a daily basis. We grow with, not because of our shippers and carriers.

We are decent and honest. We do the right thing. By shrinking the margin between customer (shipper) and carrier, we are able to pay our drivers better. Appreciated drivers are loyal and reliable, which means they will take good care of your freight. Shippers often pay a little less because we can find the best positioned truck for market rates.


A long history of transportation

The name "Tadmore Transportation" comes from an Ohio town named Tadmor. During the 19th century, all four modes of major transportation came together where the Great Miami River and the Erie Canal met on Tadmor's West edge. The national road reached there in 1839, with the railroad coming through in 1851. From that point, significant freight passed through Tadmor.

Tadmore Transportation, LLC officially started on Tadmore Drive in East Toledo; where a former railroad spurs, river, and express way all meet. The name reflects our love of the transportation industry, the people who came before us, and the Toledo neighborhood. We are honored to give our carriers and customers a "tad-more!" We moved to our current location in "up-town" Toledo in 2014.