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Our values Tadmore was founded with over 20 years of freight experience, including warehouse supervising, truck driving, and shipping. We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and industry. We work closely with our shippers and truckers because we are fully committed to exceeding expectations, believing in honorable, respectful business practices.

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Partial Moves

We lower your rates by knowing who's moving a few pallets or pounds near you. Partial rates can be high if your goods are the only ones on the truck. What if you can share that cost with your business or community partners?


We strategically lower cost.

Reliable Communication

Smooth Moves

You know moving things from here to there can be full of blips and snags. We are brutally honest. That means you can trust what we say. Sometimes it's not good news, but wouldn't you rather have the information sooner rather than later? Having the right broker saves time, money and aggravation. Tadmore is on your team.

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What our carriers have to say

Great folks to work with. Very fair, pleasant and great communication.

Posted by Olivia Hassan on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Olivia Hassan Trucker

Moving freight efficiently requires more than just a key component of pricing and fair equity. We work hard every day on strengthening the Rapport with not only our customers, but also the community which has helped build us up to the point we are currently at. There are many other businesses even outside of freight within Toledo that gave us resources for our growth.

Facebook Reviews

Increasingly, social media has become the place where customers engage with honest and fair reviews of their favorite business. Check out our page here, and read a few reviews below.

Facebook Reviews

Pete is a very pleasant man to work with. He is also fair with his rates.

Posted by Scott Usher on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Scott Usher Trucker


We back up our commitment to shippers with extensive insurance through Avalon. We provide communication and tracking of your freight. We record calls, providing back up and documentation between us and the driver.

Best Value. 
Our best value is to shippers who might own their own fleet and need reliable fill-in for high volume periods or vacation coverage.
Annual- A detailed lane analysis (over 13 months) helps us set a reasonable price on an annual basis. We'll show you these numbers and our target of 9-11%.
Spot pricing - A single move, we call on our database of over 30,000 carriers to find the most reliable option for your specific needs. Case by case, useful for urgent scenarios where timing is top priority.
Expedite - short lead time, also for urgent moves.
Less than Load (LTL) - Cost benefits for LTL compared to full truck loads are changing. Let us help you maximize your overall freight budget!
Asset-Based Carriers
We "Triple-Vet" each carrier. This includes confirming the SaferSys company number. We actually call the phone numbers, validating that the person signing for your freight move is authorized to do so. We do a thorough RMIS and Carrier411 review. Carrier information is monitored and refreshed every 24 hours. We have relationships with over 30,000 carriers nationwide. We treat our drivers well and they call us. They like when we call them. This relationship gives you, the shipper increased value. We have drivers who care and are dedicated to their work.

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