Value of a Freight Broker.

tadmore  Transportation logo Tadmore Transportation provides:

  • Insurance. An extra layer of insurance on your freight. Tadmore holds policy with Lloyds of London.
  • Theft Protection. We vet every driver, calling each phone number and confirming locations to make sure they match federal databases. This protects you from fraud, as well as identity and freight theft.
  • Options and Opportunities. We can offer options you may not be aware are possible for your lanes and loads. Equipment options, other modes of transportation,  spoke and hub approaches, partials and less than load…because we are in constant contact with hundreds of shippers and drivers, we can offer efficiencies based on current knowledge and trends.
  • Rate Knowledge. We invest in freight and load databases that give us information on rates over the past 7 days, past 6 months, and past 13 months. This makes us more reliable than what most might expect from a freight broker.
  • Time Savings. We minimize calls, overall cost on an annualized basis, and extra overhead which takes time away from other important tasks.
  • Smoother Pickups and Deliveries.   Round-the-clock driver contact ensures that your freight is on schedule and safe. Truckers have peace of mind by always being in reach of assistance when needed.

A freight broker with no Mark-Ups

Brokers in the trucking industry use bulk pricing to determine the rate of the move. We separate out the fuel, never marking it up to make extra money. Transparency is important.

Low Operating Expense

No debt and low monthly operating expenses allow us to move freight at the lower than industry standard margins of 14%. We have relationships with over 30,000 carriers across the country, allowing your freight to move efficiently with less dead-head. Truckers also benefit from greater opportunities, as we can place them in touch with loads near them.

A wide range of services

Picture of a cargo van.

Over 20 years in freight coverage (from driving, to loading, to scheduling, trans-actional, and billion-dollar supply chain programs) allow us to analyze and consider evolving options for transportation.  We work with you and for you to choose the most efficient option for moving your freight. These include:

  • Flatbeds
  • Dry vans
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Conestogas
  • Sprinters
  • Rail
  • Water-based
  • Air
  • Intermodal combinations

Our commitment to fair pricing

Have you ever been called with a rate-reduction? Few businesses will lower rates unless forced to do so. As a fair freight broker, here at Tadmore, we have made such decisions because we do what we say, believing in fair pricing.