Tadmore Insurance

We protect your freight, not just ourselves.

Would you put your family in a vehicle who's driver carries only the minimum insurance?

We are designed to protect you and your cargo from potential loss.

We all know we drive our personal vehicles on the roadways with people carrying the minimum car insurance with the highest deductibles. If there's an accident, what kind of insurance do you want the other guy to have? Wouldn't you rather be on the road only with the type of folks who have fuller coverage?

At Tadmore, each carrier's insurance is monitored by two independent agencies each night. Paper certificates of insurance, while necessary documentation, are not "real-time." Our team utilizes Carrier411 to monitor certificates on motor carriers, as well as receiving immediate updates on safety, financial health, claims, and reports on business practices. Booking a truck directly, often manufacturer's/shipper's will receive the carrier packet with paper copies of the Carrier Authority and their Insurance Certificate. There can be a lot of history, bad behavior, safety violations, double brokering, or hostage situations that are not available via paper. This security IS available from Tadmore's resources and 24 hour monitoring systems.


Brokers never take care, custody, or control of the freight. Therefore, in the eyes of the law, they are not held responsible in most instances.

Tadmore has ERRORS & OMMISSIONS COVERAGE in place for protection in those instances. As a Broker, we know our first role is to provide accurate data in a timely manner to both our carriers and our customers.

We carry coverage for loss of property by misappropriation, secretion, conversion, infidelity, or any dishonest act by a carrier for hire.

If dishonest acts by third parties didn't happen, we all wouldn't have 17 different passwords we aren't allowed to write down. In 7 years of operations, NOT ONE Tadmore customer has endured the loss of someone else's malice. In that time, on at least 3 occasions, through our processes, we were able to stop identity thieves working under someone else's authority.

Identity theft, double brokering, and brokering without a license are all real occurrences happening way too often. Often enough... that our processes are designed with protection in mind. We feel it only right to carry this policy to protect you.

Tadmore Triple Vets all carriers. We subscribe to multiple services to protect shippers, carriers, and ourselves from identity theft.

Contingent Cargo Liability provides coverage to protect against the liability assumed when making arrangements to move cargo for others. This will come in handy when a trucker's cargo policy fails to assume the responsibility for cargo loss or damage.

Tadmore includes temperature controlled vans (Reefers) in our coverage, which most brokers do not have as an additional coverage.

Pollution Cleanup and Removal.

Shield Coverage, which provides insurance for high value shipments ($100,000-500,000) against loss or damage on a comprehensive "all-risk" basis.

Contingent Auto Liability ($1,000,000).

Are Minimums enough for your freight?

  • Carriers and brokers are required to carry very basic insurance coverage. The insurance we have is available only to Brokers in good standing with TIA.

  • Carriers are required to carry very basic insurance coverage.

  • Some systems only monitor carrier insurance on an annual basis.

Canadian Moves

Canadian Brokers do not have to have authority or a bond. This means your freight is at  a higher risk. We work with Canadian carriers we know and trust. We pay fairly, so these companies are eager to work with us and take good care of your cargo.