Tadmore Carriers Described

We work with professional drivers who often become our friends

Professional, Reliable, and Friendly

Tadmore Carriers

We build strong relationships with our carriers and drivers. We continue to build carrier pools in key areas across the nation to benefit both shippers and carriers with consistent loads. A Tadmore Carrier communicates accurately and quickly, is reliable, on-time, and professional. They run smart, safe and legal.

Continuous Communication

We provide helpful and specific information on routes, dock and facility hours, layout, contacts, etc. Tadmore drivers know that we know more than anyone they might get to answer a phone at delivery location.  General shipper information is not as accurate as the information we have from the contact within the company, so our drivers call us (not the customer or shipper directly). 

For example, we may know the facility is waiting, and holding their staff, even paying overtime awaiting the delivery into the evening. If a driver calls the location, he/she may be told the general rule that "we only receive until 6 pm." If the driver acts on the general information, we all face conflict and expense.

Accurate Updates

We can help the process run smoothly when we are in contact and know what's happening. When we know of any delays or potential delays, loaded time, hour from delivery, arrival time, empty time, etc., we can avoid problems. In the event of accessorial, we are happy to compensate when we are involved in, and are given the chance to help correct the problem.

For example, getting a call from an angry driver that he's been waiting to unload for 5 hours doesn't help anyone. We know many brokers don't answer their phone. We know getting a live person after hours or on holidays or weekends is difficult. At Tadmore, we are here for you. Getting us involved early protects us all from aggravation, wasted time, loss of next load, and poor service to our customer.


Our drivers reflect our high expectations. We appreciate you being clean, courteous, patient, and wearing safety dress code (hard hat, ear and eye protection, long pants, steel-toed boots, etc.). We like paying our drivers!! We try to make it easy for drivers to quickly submit their clear, clean, BOLs, Invoice, and Rate Confirmation. When we receive required documents, and professionalism is maintained, we are happy to remit promptly.

We designate on our rate confirmations funds allocated to performance. For example, $ for on-time delivery, $ for team service, and even $ for being awesome!

Some of our Loyal Carriers

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